Terraria game | what’s new in it

It is the version that came out for iOS, Android and recently added for Windows Phone 8 / 8.1. It is an exact size of PC version , with the exception of certain exclusive content for this platform and some features of :

  • Every 50 specific enemies killed, a message will be displayed in the chat. However, the standards still have 0.5% to be left, regardless of the meter.
  • The slimes can leave items such as potions or minerals.
  • The sprites of the 1.3 potions are in the mobile version.

There is no specific date for the complete 1.3.

What you will get in Terraria

  • More than 1360 recipes to create weapons, armors, potions, etc.
  • More than 450 enemies .
  • More than 100 types of blocks to build more than you imagine.
  • More than 30 pets.
  • More than 20 bosses.
  • More than a dozen environments to explore!
  • Dynamic water and lava, as well as day and night cycles.

Every last pixel of Terraria has been created to offer the best mobile experience possible. Includes new touch controls and tutorials!

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New changes

  • When creating a new character, it will appear with a wooden sword instead of a short copper sword.
  • The time it takes to break blocks is less. This does not affect the mining power.
  • During the rain , there are usually sparks in the background, like in a storm.
  • The range of placement and mining is greater than in other versions. In addition, this does not change despite using objects that have a greater or lesser range, such as the string or the copper peak . For this same reason, the tool belt is unobtainable.
  • If the screen is very small (eg in cells) the zoom is reduced and the toolbar will only have 5 spaces. For this same reason, the days are shorter and the life and mana bars are less expensive to maximize.
  • Death messages only show how the player died, and show the cause in parentheses.
  • The information accessories are unobtainable

Supported devices

  • iOS :  iOS 7 version or higher is needed.
  • Android : Compatible android devices are those with Android version 2.3 or higher, requires 512 MB of minimum RAM.
  • Windows Phone : Devices are compatible if they use Windows Phone 8 / 8.1 .

Terraria Apk Mod 

As soon as Terraria’s new version launched, we launch Terraria mod apk. So in the latest version of terraria mod apk you will get following items:

This is amazing to play Terraria with mods. All you need to download the Mod apk file install it and you are good to go.


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